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Finland-China Food and Health Network

Finland-China Food and Health Network

The Finland-China  Food and Health Network is a new multidisciplinary network based on the research and educational co-operation of Finnish and Chinese institutions. The network connects Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences and supports higher education-business co-operation. This creates basis for both new innovations and R&D.

The network is linked to the global internationalisation programme which the Ministry of Culture and Education of Finland has launched together with Finnish higher education institutes. The progamme will enable nine pilot networks linked with co-operation in different geographical areas.

Firstly, the goal of the global pilot programme 2021-2024  is to encourage new actions which will lead to better knowledge of the Finnish higher education as well as expertise and competence in different geographical areas. Secondly, the aim is to launch co-operation that will benefit all parties, to work together, and to foster partnerships. The global programme will support higher education institutes’ own strategies, which strongly underline the international co-operation and internationalisation as well as the quality of education, research and outreach.

Partners in China will include higher education and research institutions of high quality which best fit the goals of the network. The fields and topics of the network aim to answer global challenges related to food: food safety, sustainability related to food, and environment and sustainable food chains. Food and health-related research topics could be linked e.g. to metabolic diseases and food behaviour. The educational co-operation will support the research co-operation on these questions and ensure a pool of experts and talents for research and businesses in the future.