The FCFH Network is a global pilot programme, a global network supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, which aims to respond to global challenges related to sustainable development (SD). In order to achieve its aims, the FCFH Network regularly organises seminars, webinars and symposiums which does not only help responding to SD challenges, but also supports the active involvement and collaboration between partners.

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Future events

Live conference in Zhejiang A&F University,  China 19–21 May 2024

The next upcoming larger FCFH network event is a live conference in China at Zhejiang A&F University (ZAFU). Partners in the network are invited to join the Food from Forestry, Health, and Sustainability conference from May 19 to May 21, 2024. Additionally, there may be additional programs including visits to nearby universities and other research-wise interesting sites. Due to the New Year holiday break in China, we have to wait for the final program.

For FCFH network participants from Finland, there will be no conference fee, and accommodation will be arranged by ZAFU. We already have a list of 16 interested researchers. If you are interested, please contact the coordinator from your university to discuss possible budgets for travel.

Currently, the plan is for departure from Helsinki to be no later than 18 May with Juneyaoair (a direct fast flight from Helsinki to Shanghai, please see more information on their website). The departing flight would arrive on 19 May at 6:25 in Shanghai. It is possible to arrive a couple of days earlier or leave a couple of days later to spend additional time for free-form discussion and other activities.

The return from Shanghai would be on 21 May, allowing participation in the two-day event.

Past events

The FCFH Network brings together scientists, experts and professionals from different partner institutions and companies from both Finland and China to its events, which includes seminar days, webinars and symposiums.

Our events generally serve as platforms for strengthening collaboration among the partner universities and to enhance the cooperation between academia and the industry to bring together the most recent scientific research and latest ideas for innovation.