Joint seminar: Omics applications in food and nutrition research

10.05.2022 13:00 - 17:00

The seminar was jointly organised by FCFH, University of Turku and the Raisio Research Foundation. The Rector of the University of Turku, Professor Jukka Kola and the Dr. Ingmar Wester the Research Director of the Raisio plc Research Foundation opened the seminar. Researchers from University of Turku and University of Eastern Finland shared their most recent research using omics technologies in gut microbiota, anti-diabetic effects of anthocyanin-rich food, and plant proteins in cereal grains. Two companies Nightingale Health and Afecta presented the commercial application of omics technologies in personalised health and development of healthy foods. The seminar was in hybrid form with on site and online participants from Finland and China.