Global Food Safety Course

Course on “Global Food Safety” supported by Team Finland Knowledge (TFK) Programme: Bridging Cultures and Knowledge

The online DigiCampus course on Global Food Safety (3 ECTS) has successfully progressed to exam week after an intensive lecturing period in JanuaryFebruary, 2024. More than 100 students, representing over 12 different nationalities, have engaged in learning about different aspects of food safety. These include regulatory aspects, identification, characterization and exposure assessment of chemical and biological food safety hazards, risk management, good manufacturing practices, food frauds, as well as regarding ethical considerations. In addition, laboratory training for selected students will take place in April during a mobility visit to our Chinese partner universities.

As a university teacher from the University of Helsinki, collaborating with the University of Eastern Finland (coordinator), University of Hong Kong, and Shenzhen University has been a very fruitful learning experience. This collaboration has not only deepened our understanding of global food safety but also provided insights into managing joint digital teaching while overcoming bureaucratic challenges. Thus, I can warmly recommend applying to the currently open call for TFK funding.

Marina Heinonen,

Professor (Food safety)

University of Helsinki

Department of Food and Nutrition