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Finland-China Food cooperation meetings and events held in China in autumn 2023

Autumn 2023 was active in Sino-Finnish dialogue and several meetings were held face-to-face.

Firstly, the 20th China-Finland Joint Committee Meeting on Scientific and Technological Cooperation took place in Beijing in mid-October with Vice Ministers Mr. ZHANG (MoST) and Mr. PELTONEN (MEE) cochairing the meeting. Climate change, circular Economy & sustainable development as well as health were chosen as priority themes for cooperation. Health topic is also linked with cooperation Finland-China Food and Health network is currently promoting. Ministry of Economy and Employment led the delegation, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Research Council Finland (Suomen Akatemia) and Business Finland participated. At the EU-level, a Joint Roadmap for EU-China cooperation in STI is in process. It will help deepen and increase the quality of the cooperation.

Secondly, the Sino-Finnish Higher Education Networking Events were organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture both in Shanghai and Beijing. Finland-China Food and Health Network was presented in the event in Shanghai for the audience from China both live and on-line.

Moreover, October was also a meeting time at the Fudan Nordic Centre in Shanghai. The member universities met live for the first time after the Pandemic. On-going and new possibilities for the cooperation both in education and research were discussed. The thematic focus areas defined by the Nordic Centre are: Sino-Nordic perspectives; sustainable development; digitalization and technology and Health and welfare. Under the Health and welfare topic, one of the specific cooperation areas is food culture, nutrition and security. This is important opportunity to note those FCFH members who are also Nordic Centre members.

The Academic Leader and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Baoru Yang, made two visits to China in 2023, engaging in negotiations with our Chinese partners. As a result, we have established a date for the upcoming spring conference. Further details will be available on the network’s website in early 2024. Please save the date.

Event Details:

Live International Conference: April 20th – 21st (on-site only)

Location: Zhejiang A & F University, Zhejiang