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Ongoing FCFH research and educational collaborative projects at the University of Eastern Finland

Two projects have been granted the FCFH-UEF seed funding at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) in June this year. The purpose of the funding is to support research or teaching collaborations, with focus on nutrition and health, between the researchers and teachers of the Faculty of Health Sciences at UEF and those from Chinese universities. Dr. Iman Zarei from the Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition at UEF in collaboration with Dr. Fuqiang Cui from the Zhejiang A&F University is carrying out one of the funded projects focusing on the use of bilberry and blueberry extracts as dietary supplements for colorectal cancer prevention. The other funded project, focusing on oligonucleotide delivery system fabrication, is being conducted by Dr. Hengjing Cui from the School of Pharmacy at UEF in collaboration with Dr. Jiaojiao Zhang from the Zhejiang A&F University.

UEF is also coordinating the TFK programme funded Finland-China collaborative hybrid course entitled Global Food Safety. The course includes online lectures by the experts in food safety from the 4 partnering universities – UEF, University of Helsinki, Hong Kong University and Shenzhen University. The course also includes student- and staff-visits between these universities. The online part of the course will begin in January 2024, for which student registration in all the 4 partnering universities is currently ongoing.