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Project establishing a Finland-China collaborative course on food safety receives funding in the Team Finland Knowledge (TFK) Programme

The project entitled “Finland-China collaborative course on Global Food Safety: An approach to enhance global sustainability” or “GloFoSa” secured funding of 71 844€ from the Finnish National Agency for Education in the Team Finland Knowledge (TFK) Programme in June 2022. GloFoSa brings together expertise from four well-established higher education institutes (HEIs) – The Hong Kong University in Hong Kong and the Shenzhen University in mainland China, the University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland (the coordinating university) in Finland.

“The project will establish a course named Global Food Safety, in which all the participating HEIs will contribute to teaching, therefore providing international and diverse perspectives on the critical topic of ensuring food safety. The course begins in the spring of 2024 with the virtual component of the course which will include lectures, interactive discussion sessions and students’ presentations on a shared online platform. A variety of student and staff mobilities between the Finnish and Chinese partner institutes are also planned within the project to further strengthen mutual collaboration between the partner HEIs.”, explains Dr. Suchetana De Storvik, Researcher and teacher at the University of Eastern Finland.

GloFoSa supports bilateral academic relations through the Finland-China Food and Health Network (FCFH). At the conclusion of the project, a webinar will be organised within the FCFH network to present its outcomes and to disseminate information on food safety in the partner countries.

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